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Formula. Everything smells like formula. Everything tastes like formula. Even my Starbucks Vanilla Breve has a lingering taste of formula. To me it smells like buttermilk, so on a good day, I think of my Mamaw’s homemade biscuits, and on a not so good day, everything just smells.

I have been reading a book at the recommendation of my case worker entitled “Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew.” Before we got Brynlee, I called this book “How to Scare Adoptive Parents Half to Death Before They Get Their Kid.” The book is truly insightful and helped me to think about things I had never thought too much about. For example, I knew Brynlee would grieve (to an extent), but I never realized just how much an infant can grieve and feel abandoned when she doesn’t hear mom’s heartbeat anymore after hearing it for 9 months. She is doing really well considering those circumstances.

As we wait for ICPC to be completed, we are trying so hard to be patient and enjoy our family time without interruption. However, we are so eager to get back to Washington and the support of our family and friends, but we really just want to sleep in our own bed and enjoy more than a hotel room size space. Brynlee won’t know what to do with herself!

This blog is going to be a little scattered, considering I am a little scattered myself. Yesterday we were so ready to go, but Ben and I made a deal that if we had no word by 12ish, we would go for a ride in the car and get some more formula and a moby wrap and more diapers. If we are going to be here a ….ok more to come later. We just got cleared to go home!!


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